6 Facts About Remix The Dog


Welcome to the Remix World

What seems like an idea from forever ago is now in action. We created this site as a hub to combine all the things that Remix loves, would recommend and as a forum to answer any questions you might have for us! We hope that it will be as informative and fun for you to read as it is for us to create.

Remix The Dog F.A.Q.

Q: What Breed Are You?

100% Miniature Schnauzer — I’m playful, cuddly and I have quite the voice! Sometimes my Hoomans say I bark too  much but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a little self-expression. 😉

Q: Do you shed?

Never! I often find my Hooman Mom’s hair on the floor but never mine. My fur locks grow but never leaves my body unless it grooming time.

Q: How often do you maintain your fur do?

As much as I like the handsome & rugged look, my Hoomans insist that I get a full groom every 8 weeks. By 10 weeks, I basically look like Chewbacca — trust me, this is not a look that would attract the lady pups.

Remix The Dog--33

Q: How do you keep your beard so white?

I drink filtered water and my humans wipe my beard with a towel soaked in warm water. I also get a nice wipe down after every walk. So high maintenance, right?

Q: Where do you get your clothes?

Lots of independent online pet retailers and if there’s something I want but can’t find, my Human Mom will source it out for me at various children stores. 😉

Q: What’s your must-have item?

Definitely glasses — thanks to my humans, I have a huge collection of shades that never seems to stop growing.


If you have other questions that you’re itching to ask us, comment below and we’ll be sure to answer them! We promise there are no ticks and fleas attached.


Remix + Jenn

6 Responses to “6 Facts About Remix The Dog

  • Carolina
    8 years ago

    What size are your toodler’s shirts? I’ve notice you use a lot of Old Navy toodlers ones

    • Remix is about 14 lbs and wears 18-24 month old clothes! 😀

  • How did you get him to stay still and keep the glasses on his face?!

    • Lots of treats — we use treats as a distractor so we can pop the specs on him! He’s pretty use to them now. 😀 These glasses are also pretty narrow so they fit nicely against his head.

  • @hapygirl23
    7 years ago

    I want to know how you came up with the name Remix for the handsome little Pupster??

    • It just kind of came to us one day just as we were brainstorming — we really wanted to come up with something unique. 😀

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