[Review] Dog Threads

RemixTheDog-- Dog Threads

Cardigan – C/O Dog Threads | Plaid Shirt: Levis (Similar)

We received this blue cardigan a while ago from Dog Threads and we’ve loved layering it with Remix’s collection of clothes. His closet is getting a little ridiculous and probably rivals my own but this was a piece that I just had to have. The cardigan is versatile, well-made, and it even accentuates his chest hair! 🙂

RemixTheDog--Dog Threads

What we love about Dog Threads is the variety of styles they have available. It’s often very hard to find cute button shirts, cardigans and patterned shirts for puppies that are good quality at a reasonable price so this was a good discovery!

What do you think — does it get a huge paws up?


Jenn + Remix

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