BarkBox March 2016 Review

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RemixTheDog - BarkBox March 2016 Review

What a treat this year has been so far! We loved our last BarkBox (read it here) and were equally as ecstatic when we opened this month’s! Filled with loads of treats and toys, it was hard to choose our top three picks but, read on below to see what we chose for our BarkBox March 2016 review:

RemixTheDog - BarkBox March 2016 Review

I have to say, this month’s box was definitely more cohesive than the others. I loves the Sherlock themed wrapping paper, the toys and the treats that paired with the overall theme. As it so happens, Remix is a huge fan of mind toys so the Dog Treat Maze was a cute addition. Here are our top 3 picks:

  1. The Telephone Booth Toy — just as iconic as the ones you see on the streets of London, this toy brings back nostalgic memories from our first Euro trip! It’s a Bark & Co exclusive and is great for heavy chewers! So far, Remix hasn’t been able to break it, so it gets 100% in our books. 🙂
  2. Old Timer Pocketwatch – Another Bark & Co exclusive and and excellent toy if your dog likes to play tug of war like Remix. We just love the silhouetted timepiece and the the rope portion is made out of t-shirt material! Pretty nifty!
  3. Victorian Dinner Treats – these Grain Free treats are one of Remix’s favourites!! I love the packaging and if Remix loves them, then so do I!

Remember, all of these can be purchased off the Barkshop and if you use the code ‘REMIX’, you’ll be able to score something free with your purchase of $10 and more! 😀 Until next time, happy sniffin’!

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