LaRitzy February 2016 Review – Vegan Beauty Box


LaRitzy Review - RemixTheDog

Hello and Happy March Break!! Here at Remix The Dog corp, we’re glad to have a week off to relax, cuddle the Mister Man and go on adventures under the sun. BUT! Before we can embark on our Spring Break shenanigans, I’d like to introduce you to LaRitzy, a women’s subscription box for vegan beauty products! 😀

Read our LaRitzy February 2016 Review below:

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I really liked all of the items in the LaRitzy February Box but I think my favourite by far was the Doe Hair Pact! Each pack can be used 4 – 5 times for medium length hair and the package is also resealable. The squeeze bag makes it very easy to portion the amount that you would need for each use. During the winter, my hair can be very dry and after using the Doe Hair Pact, it definitely felt hydrated and less frizzy!

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The second item that I loved was the Palmetto Derma Rejuvenating Antioxidant Mask! At $64 a pop, this mask alone covers the cost of the box and then some! I’m personally a huge fan of face masks. Within a week, I probably use 2 – 3 different kinds that target various skin concerns I might have. The Palmetto mask is clay based and when applied onto the skin, it has a cooling sensation! I would recommend patch testing before you apply the mask to your entire face — it can feel INTENSE (in a good way)!

Overall, I was pleased to receive this box from LaRitzy! It’s definitely opened my eyes to the world of vegan skin care. However, the best part of this box is the fact that it’s cruelty free. Let me know your thoughts!

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