For Dirty Dogs Shampoo Review

For Dirty Dogs Shampoo Review

Hello! Welcome to another edition of Bath Time with Remix! This time, we’re sharing an all natural shampoo and dry shampoo by For Dirty Dogs! By the way, check out his shower cap — looking spiffy, right? I’l be sure to get him a more colourful one next time. There are 3 scents to choose and 1 unscented but what I find really intriguing is the Dry Shampoo. Read on for our full For Dirty Dogs Shampoo Review:

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We used this the liquid shampoo not too long ago and love how relaxing the scent is! It’s nourishing, moisturizing and I think the lavender actually relaxes Remix a bit. He doesn’t quite like baths… So enter the For Dirty Dogs dry shampoo. A great thing to have in between baths. All you have to do is sprinkle some of the powder onto the fur and wipe off the excess. It’s deodorizing and removes any excess oil and dirt. We love using this after Remix goes to the park especially since his fur seems to always trap dirt whenever we go. He also sleeps in my bed so clean fur is a must!

Overall, we really like the For Dirty Dogs Shampoo and Dry Shampoo! They’re both made with all natural ingredients and they smell really good! ;D

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