Happiness Boutique Scarf Review

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RemixTheDog - Happiness Boutique Scarf Review 1

For the past couple months of Winter, we’ve been under the frosty radar. With no snow in sight and temperatures above 0 degrees, we’ve been incredibly lucky! However, Mother Nature has put Toronto back on the map and we experienced our first heavy snowfall of the season on Monday. Fortunately, I had this incredibly soft Happiness Boutique scarf to keep me warm.

We’re no strangers to the Happiness Boutique brand, we’ve posted a couple reviews of their statement necklaces in the past (read them here and here) so when the opportunity arose to review their scarves, I was more than ecstatic. Being a huge fan of scarves, myself, I was eager to check out the overall quality. Made with 100% wool, this double sided soft fringe plaid scarf is plenty warm. The material is thick but also can be easily manipulated and tied in different ways. I also love the fact that there are two different plaid patterns on either side which creates additional versatility.

RemixTheDog - Happiness Boutique Scarf Review 2

This main colour of the on the large plaid pattern side is orange and I didn’t think I would like it as much as I do. It’s more of a reddish orange than a pumpkin orange so it’s actually quite flattering. Overall, it’s a great winter scarf and I find myself constantly gravitating towards it when I leave the house in the mornings. Even Remix likes wearing the scarf, don’t you think?

RemixTheDog - Happiness Boutique Scarf Review

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