BarkBox January 2016 Review

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RemixTheDog - BarkBox January 2016 Review

I can’t believe January is almost over! It seems like only yesterday that we finished Christmas holidays. With our eyes set on Chinese New Year in February, we thought we’d better share our thoughts in our BarkBox January 2016 Review before it’s too late! What can I say? I love this month’s box! It’s fun, funky and brings out the flower child, or rather, pup in all of us. Armed with a Rolling Bones Record toy, Ozzie the Hippie and Hippie Chick, this box was one that definitely embodies the 60s! Onto our top 3:

RemixTheDog - BarkBox January 2016 Review

1.  Ozzie the Hippie — As always, if there’s a BarkMade toy in our box, we’re happy! If I haven’t said it enough, I’ll say it again. I love BarkMade toys because they’re incredibly unique and something you wouldn’t be able to find at a regular pet store. However, you can shop the box on BarkShop and get one of these nifty toys for your special pup. Online shopping certainly has it’s perks, doesn’t it? Use ‘REMIX‘ to get a free gift on your purchase over $10.

2. The Rolling Bones Disc — If the name Remix doesn’t clue you in, this toy was practically made for us! Remix’s name tag is a record so it’s pretty obvious that we’d include this toy in our top 3! Sorry Remix, looks like this toy might be saved for us to use as a prop but we’ll be sure to grab another for play. 😀

3. Hippie Chick Toy — I love that this toy looks like it was tie dyed. Remix loves using it as a tug-o-war toy but I think the goofy face and flower crown take the cake for this one.

Hope you enjoyed reading out BarkBox January 2016 Review and we look forward to sharing February with you as well!

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