Sudio VASA Earphones Review

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RemixTheDog - Sudio VASA Earphones Review

There are only a couple weeks left before Christmas and if you’re still on the hunt for a Christmas gift, we have you covered. These Sudio VASA Earphones are not only perfect for your stylish giftee but also the ultimate stocking stuffer! A couple months ago, we reviewed the Sudio Klang earphones (read it here) and are really happy to share another product from the Sudio collection. Scroll down to read our Sudio VASA Earphones Review.

RemixTheDog - Sudio VASA Earphones Review 4

Like the Sudio Klang earphones, the VASA also comes with its own leather pouch! As I’ve mentioned before, the leather pouch is one of the major things that I really love because it keeps my earphones from getting tangled or from unravelling in my purse. As a girl who is a huge fan of oversized bags, having a pouch for my earphones means I’m not constantly sifting through tangled items. Plus, it keeps the earphones safe from getting damaged. Another thing I like about these VASA earphones is the colour!! I love the combination of blue and rose gold together — it’s feminine, trendy and a pretty accessory to wear when you’re on the go. Overall, we love the colour, style and design of these earphones. It would make a great gift for someone who commutes or travels often!

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