2015 Holiday Gift Guide

RemixTheDog - 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

With less than 30 days remaining before Christmas, the holiday shopping scramble has begun! I’m notorious for being a last minute shopper — think express shipping or booking it to the mall 5 days prior. Amidst this somewhat stressful time, the easiest shopping tip I have is to buy functional, monogrammed or pretty! Anyway, here’s to our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide – a roundup of our favourite gifts and stocking stuffers!

#1. Daniel Wellington Watches

My go-to accessory is always a watch. It’s something I wear everyday and would love to gift to others as well. What I like the most about DW watches is the timeless and classic designs. They’re also super slim and light so it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a watch at all. Use the code DWREMIX for 15% off (Expires: January 15, 2016)!

RemixTheDog - 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

DW – Classy St. Mawes (34mm, silver)

#2. Happy Socks

Bright, funky and colourful socks are always a fun stocking stuffer! If you know someone who loves wearing fun socks or collecting socks, Happy Socks is definitely the place to buy. I’ve gotten tons of compliments on every Happy Sock I’ve ever worn to work and they’re comfortable to wear too. My personal favourite is this red/blue confetti pattern — it reminds me of The Cat in the Hat!

RemixTheDog - 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Socks – Sprinkles Socks

#3. Sudio Earphones

Great for the everyday commuter, Sudio earphones are easy to bring along to wherever your destination may be. My favourite part is the cute leather pouch that can house your earphones when they’re not in use. Our personal favourites are the Klang and VASA styles. Use code remixthedog15 to get 15% off your purchase (Expires: December 31, 2015).

RemixTheDog - 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Sudio – Klang in Orange

#4. World of Angus Dog Balm

Winter has a tendency to cause your pup’s paws to become chapped or dry. This World of Angus Dog Balm is the perfect remedy. It’s all natural, easy to apply and also locally made in Toronto! They’ve also got some great shampoos, memory foam dog bed and apparel for dogs.  A great one stop shop for all your puppy presents! 😉

RemixTheDog - World Of Angus Review

World of Angus Dog Balm

#5. BossDogs

I’m a huge fan of customization or monogrammed gifts so when I found BossDogs, I naturally gravitated towards the shop. If you know someone who has a pet, BossDogs is a great place to make a shirt or mug with a picture of that person’s pet. For the holiday season, you’ll also be able to make a custom Christmas Ornament too!

RemixTheDog - 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

BossDogs – Custom Tank

#6. BarkBox

Who could say no to a box of yummy treats and fun toys for their pup? We’ve done a review for the boxes we’ve received (read October’s here) and Remix has loved each one. Last year, we also gifted a few BarkBoxes to pup we know! Use code ‘REMIX‘ to get 10% off your new subscription. If you’re adopting a pet this holiday season, BarkBox has teamed up with Swiffer to give you this sweet box of goodies to bring home (only at participating shelters — read more here)!

RemixTheDog - 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

#7. Stick and Brindle Dog Macarons

Another local vendor but, this time it’s yummy sweet treat for your pup! Remix loves these macarons and he eats them on special occasions. Baked fresh to order, these Stick and Brindle macarons are a great dessert to eat during your Christmas or holiday feast!

RemixTheDog - 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

#8. Happiness Boutique

For all things statement and sparkly, there’s Happiness Boutique! With such a huge range of styles, this online site is a great place to shop for pretty accessories. They ship worldwide from the UK so if you’re looking to buy from here, make sure you give yourself at let 6 – 14 business days.

RemixTheDog - 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

#9: Oh Pop Dog

You’ve seen Remix wear this shirt countless times in the summer and it’s one that I love a lot! Oh Pop Dog is an Etsy vendor that we adore because of the quality and cute shirts that she offers. The new Autumn/Winter collection is now available in their store and the shirts are bright and colourful — perfect for shooing away the winter blues!

RemixTheDog - 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Oh! Basics Shirt Mr. Whale

#10. Shop Dog Threads

Last in our guide is Shop Dog Threads! Most recently, Remix has been wearing this cute green patterned shirt around Parliament in Ottawa. We love the fabric used to make these shirts because they keep the shirt tailored no matter what your pup is doing.

RemixTheDog - 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Shop Dog Threads – Teal Party Shirt

There you have it! Our top 10 things for this holiday season. We hope that this list was useful for you and let us know if you have any other gift ideas we can add to our guide. 😀

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