Stick and Brindle Review

Here’s our yummy Stick and Brindle review!

RemixTheDog - Stick and Brindle Review

We’ve all been waiting for the perfect macaron for our dog and it’s finally here! I’m a huge fan of the French treats myself so when Stick and Brindle invited us to their pop up shop we gleefully obliged.  These treats are made with natural and quality ingredients that are not only tasty for your pup but also handmade per order. This means that there are no preservatives present and they are made with a minimal ingredients.

RemixTheDog - Stick and Brindle Review

We weren’t sure if Remix would love a classic French Macaron but he sure does and he wanted more! If he could, he probably would have gobbled up all the sweet pastries at the pop up shop and left the other pups with none. Needless to say, we got a box of 6 to bring home and he’s been slowly enjoying the treats as dessert after dinner. There are a few retail places in Toronto that you can find these doggy macarons but if you’re itching to get some for your pup to try, head over to their website and check out their online store. All the macarons are made to order and shipped out on the best business day to ensure that you receive the treats within a few days and never sitting in the Canada Post shipping room.

Let us know what your pup thinks of them, we’d love to know! 😀

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