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RemixTheDog - Natural Dog Company Review

Living in a country where winter takes up about half of the year means that we need to take extra precautions to keep Remix’s paws/snout from getting too dry and chapped. Some of the solutions that we found extremely helpful were the Natural Dog Company Snout, Paw and Skin Soothers. Made from 100% natural ingredients these ointments are the perfect winter accessories. Think chapstick and lotion for dogs and you’ll get the sense of how these products work!

Application Tips:

  • Snout Soother: Rub a little bit on your pup’s nose and give them some treats to prevent them from licking it off. However, if your dog happens to have a lightning tongue and licks off the product, it’s not a big deal because all the ingredients are natural. This is also a great sun screen for your dog’s nose in the summer since it has SPF 9.
  • Paw Soother: Scoop some out with your fingers or use a cotton pad to apply the balm onto Remix’s paws. I follow up with some doggy or baby socks to let the cream set. Socks are also a great idea if you don’t want to see little pup prints all over your floors. 😉
  • Skin Soother: Made for cuts or infections, this product helps the healing process. Just like using Polysporin, clean the infected area before applying this treatment to the affected spots.

Overall, these three things are always in constant rotation for Remix’s overall “skin care regime”. If we puppy face masks existed, I’m sure we would be on board for those too! Let us know what you think of these natural ways to keep your pet’s skin healthy — we’d love to know!

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