Camp Cloon Review

RemixTheDog - Camp Cloon Review

I’ve never been a huge fan of camping and as my most recent camping experience would attest, I am not much of a camper either. Although I haven’t taken Remix out into real nature to rugged out, I think he might like running in the forest and sleeping in a tent! Anyway, read on for our Camp Cloon Review!

When we first heard about Camp Cloon, we immediately thought of Boy Scout trends for dogs! The emblem even resembles a badge you might get if you were a Boy Scout way back in time. What we love about this brand is that they offer unique, premium quality clothes for a very reasonable price. The details on each item is impeccable and I was super impressed with the overall quality — think thick fleece hoodies and durable fabric for neckerchiefs.

RemixTheDog - Camp Cloon Review

One of our favourites was the plaid shirt! This should not come as a surprise since Remix’s collection of plaid is quite vast! I guess that’s what you get when your human (aka me) is obsessed with plaid. We also loved the 100% wool blanket. It’s super warm, luxe and would be perfect for the winter time when the weather gets a lot cooler.

RemixTheDog - Camp Cloon Review6

Overall, we’re definitely loving the Camp Cloon New Zealand vibe and while we may not be campers at heart, at least we can have an indoor version of camping in front of a fireplace and Remix can dress the part! 😀

Let us know if you like camping and if you do, give us some survival tips!

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