[Review] Flexi Vario Leash

RemixTheDog - Flexi Leash 9

Happy Monday friends! đŸ˜€ This weekend, we took the Flexi Vario Leash for a spin and couldn’t be happier. Remix has always been somewhat of a Curious George when it comes to going for walks so the flexibility of lengthening or shortening the leash is definitely a plus.

What We Love About the Flexi Vario Leash:

  • Colour: There are 6 different colours to choose and this one is the turquoise.
  • Comfort Grip: It’s light weight and offers easy access to the button at the top of the leash to control the length.
  • Multi-Box Attachment: The multi-box attachment is an added attachment that you can buy — it can house poop bags or treats!
  • Safety Collar: loosely attaches to your dog’s collar to prevent a snap back if the collar breaks.

Overall, the leash is incredibly sturdy and the colour is beautiful. The soft grip makes it very comfortable to hold and carry during long walks. I also like the idea of having different (& matching) attachments to the leash for added features.

Let us know what you think!

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