[Sweet Deals] Animal Hearted Coupon Code

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RemixTheDog - Animal Hearted Coupon CodeWhoa! Check out this throwback photo of Remix when he was a wee little lad! His ears have since gotten a little larger but at least his beard is still as white as snow. 😉 Anyway, Animal Hearted is a clothing company that makes apparel and gifts for pet lovers alike. What we love about this store is their creative shirt slogans like the one featured above and the quality of the shirts. I’m a sucker for soft fabrics and the shirts at Animal Hearted are very soft and easy to wear. Most of the shirts, are priced to be a little less than $25 which makes them very affordable to buy as gifts or even for yourself.

Animal Hearted also donates 25% of every order to NO KILL animal shelters. For more information check out their video below:

Here at RemixTheDog, we feel that all pets deserve to be a part of a furever home. So it’s awesome to see companies who share this sentiment. Let us know what you think!


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