BarkBox December 2015 Review

We’ve run in the New Year and although we’re incredibly late for our BarkBox December 2015 review, here it is below!

RemixTheDog - BarkBox December 2015 Review

It’s been so long since we’ve updated and I have to apologize! Remix and I have been traveling almost non-stop in December and didn’t get a chance to pick up our parcels until post-holidays. Nevertheless, we hope you all had a great Christmas season and we know you’ll all have an amazing New Year! We have so much to share but first, let’s get this BarkBox December 2015 Review outta the way!

RemixTheDog - BarkBox December 2015 Review

December’s BarkBox was filled with goodies that Remix has absolutely loved tossing around. As usual, we’ve rounded up our top 3 for you below:

BarkMade Egg-celent Gift Box — we gifted this to our BarkBox Secret Santa because we thought it was absolutely adorable. We were so happy to see it included in our BarkBox and Remix has loved chewing on the ribbon. So far, it’s withstood many tumbles and many nibbles.

BarkBox Treat Tin — There are many reasons why we love this treat tin and one of them is the colour! It’s bright, pretty and a great piece of decor! It holds quite a bit of treats (we put Whimzees inside) and we love putting it on the shelf as a quick go-to.

Dogzilla Dino Egg — Although this treat looks fairly simple, it’s a great toy to keep your dog busy. Stick a treat inside and let them figure out how to get that treat out. It’s not as easy as it looks! Remix loves toys that make him think so it’s a no brainer that this would be included in out Top 3!

RemixTheDog - BarkBox December 2015 Review

This BarkBox was a great way to end 2015 and we’re so excited to see what new treats and toys are coming in 2016. Things we hope for? More BarkMade toys and more belly rubs for all! Want to start your 2016 with some treats and toys for your pup?

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