Naps Design Review

One of the many things I love about Etsy and I say this every time, is the plethora of talented vendors all on one platform. I love perusing the site and I always find something unique to buy. In fact, we bought Remix’s customized vinyl disk dog tag from Etsy and it’s been one of his most complimented accessories. Anyway, as you’re all aware, I’m a huge fan and Naps Design is one vendor who we can’t help but share. Read on for our Naps Design Review:

RemixTheDog - Naps Design Review

What I love the most about this bed is the fact that all the materials used are natural and organic. There are no added dyes to the wool felt (outer shell) and the cushion is made from certified organic cotton. We also like that the bed is quite stylish. It’s personalized with Remix’s name and looks like a piece of furniture rather than a regular dog bed. One thing to note is that if your pup is a fan of chewing on wooly materials, this bed may not be suited for your pet since the outer shell is made from wool felt.

RemixTheDog - Naps Design Review

So far we’ve been lucky and Remix hasn’t tried biting the bed but I think it might be because he likes sleeping in it! Normally Remix is glued to me and he sleeps either on my lap, next to me or anywhere within close proximity. Ever since we got this bed, he’s been sleeping in it and even stores some of this favourite toys on it as well. Our overall thoughts? It’s a great bed and if you’re looking to buy organic/natural, I would recommend checking out the Naps Design Etsy shop. 🙂

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