Social Print Studio Review

RemixTheDog - Social Print Studio Review

We’re sad to see September come to an end but, we’ve got our sights set on Halloween and Thanksgiving!! Speaking of the season to give — may it be candy or thanks — our Social Print Studio review is right up that alley. This isn’t the first time our obsessed pet parent gene kicked in and if you’ve been following us closely, you’ll know that we recently had a photo book made using Remix’s Instagram photos (check it out here). It’s true, you read it here first — we’re obsessed with our little furry man and we’re proud to be his pup parents!

What we love about Social Print Studio is the variety of products and choice! For us, the debate was between the magnets, the Instagram frame, the Santa Cruz frame and the sticker book. However, after much deliberation, we decided to go for the magnets (pack of 10) and the Instagram frame. We also like how easy it was to load photos — simply sign into your Instagram through the website and pick away!

RemixTheDog - Social Print Studio Review

Both the magnets and the Instagram frame came quickly and were packaged nicely. I would have taken a photo of the packaging if I wasn’t so eager to open the box. The overall quality of both products were amazing as expected and we couldn’t be happier. The magnets are a lot stronger and sturdier than I thought they would be. They stick to the fridge well and are a little hard to take off which is a good thing! As for the Instagram frame, we love everything about it — it’s sleek, light and comes ready to hang!

If you’re looking to get a gift, whether it’s for another pet lover or just a loved one, I’d definitely say check out Social Print Studio. They have an app that allows you to choose your products photos (from your IG account and multiple accounts in one order) right from your cellphone — a convenience that we can all enjoy!

Let us know what you think and if this is a gift that you’ll be gifting this upcoming holiday season!

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