Canada Pooch Alaskan Army Parka Review

RemixTheDog - Canada Pooch

Canada Pooch Alaskan Army Parka in Maroon

A few months ago, Remix did some modelling for Canada Pooch and I fell in love with this Alaskan Army Parka! Not only are we head over heels in love with the maroon shade but also the sherpa lining interior that’ll keep our little man warm in the winter. If you’re not too familiar with the Canadian winter, it can get ferociously chilly if you’re not too careful. So booties and a coat for your pup is a must especially if you’re going on long walks! Read on for our Canada Pooch Alaskan Army Parka review!

RemixTheDog - Canada Pooch

Last year was Remix’s first winter and we had bought him a bright red Canada Pooch coat to match his bright red MuttLuks! Both were essentials for the icy winter so this year, with Farmer’s Almanac forecasting an even colder winter, we decided to go for a deeper red. This merlot coloured parka is perfect for the winter and it’s long enough to cover him from head to tail. The pocket detailing and tie at the end of the jacket are reminiscent of a real human jacket which is one of the many reasons why we love this jacket. Loaded with a duel velcro closure on the underbelly part of this jacket, you’ll be able to adjust the tightness —  perfect for layering on top of a sweater.

RemixTheDog - Canada Pooch

Overall, we’re incredibly happy with the new Canada Pooch fall/winter jackets and can’t wait to see Remix sport this jacket in the winter! We’re ready to brave the elements with Canada Pooch and hope that you’ll join us! 😀

Let us know if you’ve ever had a Canada Pooch coat and what your thoughts are!

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