World of Angus Shampoo Review

RemixTheDog - World Of Angus Review

Remix was definitely not a happy camper for this photo but hey, what’s a gal to do when her pup’s starting to smell a little funky? This time around, I swapped our usual EarthBath dog shampoo for something more local — though, I might want to add that both shampoos are made with natural ingredients.

So here is our World Of Angus Shampoo Review — we love the scent of the Lavender Geranium Palmerosa dog shampoo. It’s smells like flowers and reminds me of summer days. I’m not usually a floral scent kind of person but I do like when Remix smells fresh! The other shampoo scent that’s available is Cedar Pine and that smells like Christmas in a bottle. I’m saving that scent for Winter only because it sounds and smells like more of a wintery scent.

RemixTheDog - World Of Angus Review

During the bath, I put about a toonie sized portion onto Remix’s loofa and rubbed it all over him. It has quite the lather and a little really goes a long way. I also find that using a loofa helps spread the shampoo a little better. You can also use a dog shampoo mitt but a human loofa does the same thing at a much lower cost. Post bath, Remix’s fur is definitely softer and I didn’t see any dandruff which is a good sign! Overall, my first impression of the World of Angus shampoo is pretty good and we love that it’s made in Toronto!

RemixTheDog - World Of Angus Review

The only qualm I have is that they don’t have a matching conditioner. Remix’s hair is quite fine and it does get tangled/matted easily especially in water. So I like using a conditioner to detangle his fur and recondition the hair. I didn’t use a conditioner this time around because I wanted to review the shampoo on its own. Although I didn’t have much trouble combing his fur post-bath, it definitely wasn’t as smooth as if I had used a conditioner. Hopefully they’ll come out with a matching conditioner because it is a shampoo I would use again on Remix. I’m also a sucker for matching scents so having a Cedar Pine or Lavender conditioner would definitely be amazing.

Let us what you think and if you’ve tried World Of Angus shampoos, we’d love to hear your verdict too! 😀

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