Treats Happen Review

Hello, hello! Today, we have a Treats Happen review for you! For us, feeding Remix natural treats and food is something that is very important to us. We’re the kind of pup parents you find at pet stores reading the ingredients list and making sure that everything we feed Remix is grain free, soy free, corn free. To be perfectly honest, Remix’s treats are mostly single ingredient treats just because we know that there won’t be any preservatives, dyes or weird chemicals infused within them. Enter Treats Happen, a Toronto based company that makes a variety of dehydrated dog treats!

When we first received these treats we were immediately impressed by how much product was in each bag. Not only are the treats quite large and easily breakable, the bags were also filled to the brim. Talk about getting more bang for your buck! I’ll be the first to admit that we had some difficulty closing the bags once they were opened. With prices ranging from $10 – $22, you really can’t go wrong either. What’s equally as important to note is that these treats are packaged in Toronto and made from 100% Ontario meat. Super local! 😀

For me, the Beef Liver is truly the winner of the three. I’m not a huge fan of the smell of the Beef Lung but a little goes a long way when feeding this to your pup. Although Remix goes especially crazy for the Duck Feet, I’m not sure I like the way it looks even though it’s a great natural teeth cleaner. Keep in mind that these are natural traits of the treats and not something that can be changed since they are single ingredient. BUT! I have to commend Treats Happen for using black bags to cover the natural aesthetics of the treats because if we were solely judging on looks, our pups would be missing out! Overall, I have no qualms against these treats and Remix was satisfied. At the end of the day, these treats are high quality, made locally and natural so I would definitely consider them again!

What are your thoughts on natural treats? Are you a fan?

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