[Review] Sudio Klang Earphones

RemixTheDog - Sudio Sweden Earphones

Happy Canada Day!

This is Remix’s second Canada Day and unlike last year, we don’t seem to have any celebratory plans yet because of the gloomy weather. Hopefully the weather will be better today and we’ll be able to take him to his favourite park to run around. Speaking of going places, as a Toronto commuter taking the train can be kind of a mundane task so I like to keep myself entertained with either music or even a podcast. These Sudio Klang earphones have not been my daily accessory but a must-have in my purse.

I love that the earbuds are light, compact and easy to carry. They come with a matching genuine leather case which is extremely helpful for storage. I chose orange for the brightness and I feel that it’s a colour that you don’t often see on the market. Plus, if you’re prone to losing things like me, orange will definitely make it easier to find. I also like the quality of sound but one downfall is that these earbuds aren’t noise cancelling. Overall, I do enjoy these earphones for daily use because I find them quite trendy. I also like that the cord is flat and doesn’t get tangled very easily.

RemixTheDog - Sudio Klang Earphones

Let us know what you think of these Sudio Klang earphones from Sweden — are they a fashion item you’d add to your wardrobe? 🙂

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