[Review] Thundershirt Trench Coat

Happy Fourth of July to all my friends in America!!

RemixTheDog - Thundershirt Trench Coat Review

During this time of celebration, there are a few things that we need to keep in mind to keep our pets safe! So this year, we’ve teamed up with our pals at the Thundershirt Company to help promote pet safety and awareness. One of the scariest things for dogs are fireworks. The loud sound can cause anxiety and fear in many pups. Read on for more info on our solution — the Thundershirt and Thundershirt Trench Coat combo:

One of the things that we found helpful to reduce Remix’s fear of loud noises, like thunder or fireworks, is the Thundershirt! The vest is designed to apply gentle and constant pressure on your pet’s torso to help relieve anxiety (you can read more here). What we love about our Thundershirt is the overall aesthetic — the vest is thin, lightweight yet durable. In terms of sizing, Remix is about 14.5 lbs and wears an extra small which fits snugly around his body. We originally went with a small but realized the fit was a bit loose and wouldn’t have provided the necessary pressure.

We also love the idea of having outerwear that compliments the Thundershirt. Remix has the Thundershirt Trench Coat style and it has proven to be both functional and fashionable. I love the patterned inner lining and the ability to adjust the waist for a more tailored fit. One thing to keep in mind — the jacket is designed to snap onto the Thundershirt but not all Thundershirts come with snaps. Remix wears a small for the Trench Coat and it fits him perfectly. Overall, we love how easy and convenient it is to simply snap on the coat to your existing Thundershirt. We also like how dapper it makes Remix look since it’s a mini trench! 😀

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Read on for some additional tips to keep your pet safe during the fireworks portion of your celebration:

1. Pet ID

Make sure your pet’s identification tag is up-to-date. If your pet accidentally runs away when scared by noisy fireworks, proper ID will help get your pet returned to you safely.

2.  Avoid Fireworks

Don’t take your pets to events that involve fireworks. Fireworks can be quite scary for some pets and your pet is better off being left at home if you are going to partake in firework festivities.

3. Crate Your Dog

If you regularly crate your dog, they may find the crate to be a place of comfort during fireworks. Keep their favourite toy in the crate for further distraction.

4. Don’t Let Pets Outside

Keep your pets inside as much as possible during fireworks displays. The insulation of your home will help drown out the noise and make your pet feel more secure.

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