[Sweet Deals] Cuddle Clones Coupon Code

Use promo code ‘REMIXCLONE‘ for 10% off your Cuddle Clone!

It’s Friday and this week’s deal is a Cuddle Clones Coupon Code! We ordered a Remix Clone way back in April but haven’t received him yet. So to give you an idea of what a Cuddle Clone would look like, check out this photo of my pal @SchnauzerStanely and his mini me! 🙂

Super cute, right? We love the details like the brown paws and everything. The ordering process is super straight forward if you have a ton of photos of your pet. If you don’t have any photos of your pet, no big deal. Just snap a few of their face, body, markings, tail, etc and upload them onto the proper places on the site. If your pet as a cool marking, make sure it shows in the photo! It’s those little details that will really make your clone look identical to your actual pet.

We also love that these cool clones make great gifts for pet lovers if you’re looking to spend over $150. Just make sure you’re ordering the clone early enough to allow for processing time. If I’m remembering correctly, the cut off date for Christmas orders is early November!

Let us know what you think and if you’re interested in getting a Cuddle Clones for yourself (or someone else) be sure to use the code ‘REMIXCLONE‘ for 10% off! 😀

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