[Sweet Deals] Barkshop Coupon Code

Barkshop Coupon Code

Use code ‘REMIX‘ to get a FREE bully stick with your purchase over $10.

RemixTheDog - Barkshop Coupon Code: REMIX

Barkshop – Ella The Elephant (Large)

The Barkshop is a great place to get toys and treats that have either been made exclusively for BarkBox or have been featured in the box. The shop also has things that humans can buy for themselves such as tote bags, scarves, earrings, and more. What we like about the toys and treats available on the shop is the uniqueness. The Barkmade toys are definite favourites of mine because they aren’t available anywhere else and usually revolve around a fun theme.

RemixTheDog - Barkshop Coupon Code - REMIX

Barkshop – Boxing Gloves

Let us know what you’d buy from the box for your lucky pup! 😀


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