[Feature] Rice and Potato Workshop

RemixTheDog - Rice and Potato Workshop

Hope you’re all loving the sunny weather we’ve been having in Toronto! Remix has certainly enjoyed going outside for longer walks and more frequent trips to dog parks with his pals. Speaking of pals, we recently met up with Kyle from Rice and Potato Workshop to do a fun photoshoot for their upcycled vintaged suitcase pet beds. Based in downtown Toronto, Kyle and Miguel make quirky, unique and creative handmade items.  When we saw that Kyle had upcycled a vintage suitcase into a pet bed on the Marilyn Dennis DIY duel, we couldn’t resist reaching out to him to see if he’d be able to customize one for Remix. Luckily, there were a few suitcases that were perfect for his size.

RemixTheDog - RPW 3

Kyle & Remix – Bearded Hipster Duo

Kyle responded to our questions about customizability as well as the dimensions of each suitcase within a day. He also provided us with a few other options and had no problem answering our never ending questions. However, when we saw this particular blue one, we absolutely fell in love with the colour as well as the vibrant feather background. This suitcase is one of the best things we’ve ever got for Remix — he loves sleeping in it and it was also a great piece to add to our condo. Conversation starter, anyone?

RemixTheDog - Rice and Potato Workshop

Upcycled Vintage Suitcase Pet Bed in Aqua Blue: Rice and Potato Workshop

Overall, we couldn’t be happier with this new addition to our home. It’s cute, sturdy, comfortable and beautifully made. The suitcase can also function as a short side table if you close the top — perfect for those who love buying things that have multiple purposes like we do! The pillow on the inside can also be customized. Some of the other pet beds feature a foam board to pin your favourite pet photos rather than a decorative backdrop.

If you’re interested in finding some cool vintage pieces to add to your own home, head over to the Rice and Potato Workshop Etsy page and use code ‘remix‘ to score 30% off your purchase! They ship worldwide.

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