[Review] May 2015 BarkBox

RemixTheDog - BarkBox

We received our May BarkBox a few days ago and were thrilled to see a flower bouquet and a little butterfly toy inside along with a couple of treats. Living in Toronto generally means that our monthly box of toys and treats tend to come closer to the end of the month since it has to pass through customs. Although each box is shipped on the 15th of each month, your location will also determine when you’ll receive your BarkBox especially if it has to pass through customs like ours.


What We Love:

  • Themed Boxes — this means that everything in that box will fit a certain theme and will usually come with a few unique treats or packaging.
  • Scouts Honor — If there’s something that your pup doesn’t like, send BarkBox a holler and they’ll replace the item with something more suitable for free!
  • USA & Canada sourced treats — rest assured knowing that the treats are safe for your pup.
  • Note Descriptions — each box comes with a little postcard that tells you everything about each toy/treat inside the box.

RemixTheDog - BarkBox

So far Remix has loved everything inside this month’s BarkBox and hasn’t torn up the toys yet! His favourite is definitely the little butterfly which we love using to play catch indoors. The only thing we weren’t 100% sure about are the lamb treats which are fairly oily. We kept them because Remix loves lamb so I couldn’t really take them away. Nothing a good beard wipe down can’t fix, right?

RemixTheDog - BarkBox

If you’re interested in getting a BarkBox for your own pup, use the code:

REMIX‘ for 10% off any new subscription


EXTRAREMIX‘ to receive 1 free box with any 3, 6, 12 month subscription

Let us know which BarkBox item was your fav!

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