[Review] Daniel Wellington

RemixTheDog - Daniel Wellington

Watch: Daniel Wellington | Dog Shirt: Oh Pop Dog

Happy Hump Day! This past weekend, we took to the streets and explored Toronto’s Graffiti Alley with Remix. With bright and colourful art as our backdrop, we were really inspired to do a photoshoot for our new Daniel Wellington watch. This newly released style is the Classy St. Mawes. We love the Swarovski crystal index and the lightweight feel of this feminine watch.

RemixTheDog - Daniel Wellington

Watch: Daniel Wellington Classy St. Mawes

What I love the most about Daniel Wellington watches is the versatility. They can be worn for formal and casual events which is perfect for days when you’re transitioning from work to a night out. In addition, the straps are easily interchangeable for added uniqueness. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with this watch — it’s lightweight, timeless and keeps me on time for Remix’s appointments. I mean, even dog parents have to be on time, right? 😉

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