[Review] Benni Barker

RemixTheDog--Benni Barker bow ties

Bow Tie: Ultramarine Gingham (c/o Benni Barker) | Shirt: Old Navy

Nothing says sophistication more than having a closet full of neatly tied bow ties. We’re always on the search for bow ties that have a timeless and modern twist so when our search led us to Benni Barker, we couldn’t be happier! They have a huge selection ranging from the basic Benni Barker bow ties to houndstooth, gingham, pin dots and satin (just to name a few). Each collection also has a variety of colours so you can choose the one that really compliments your pup’s fur colour!

RemixTheDog--Benni Barker

Bow Tie: Vanilla Houndstooth (c/o Benni Barker) | Shirt: Old Navy

All of the Benni Barker bow ties come without a collar but will fit any type of flat collar. We found that it was easier to slip the bow ties onto the collar if the opening was a belt buckle type rather than the traditional quick release clasp. They also provide velcro attachments to ensure a snug fit. We didn’t have to use the velcro attachment for Remix’s collar but if you have a thinner collar, the velcro strips will come in handy to keep the bowtie in place. As they say, the eye is the details and it’s important to have a bow tie that doesn’t wiggle! 😀

Remix -- Benni Barker

Bow Tie: Grape Pin Dots (c/o Benni Barker) | Shirt: Old Navy

Let us know if you think we could join our local Gentleman’s Club with this collection!


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