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RemixTheDog-- Bark Ave Review

Dog Collar: C/O Bark Ave | Shirt: American Apparel

I can’t think of  better way to start the new season than to gear up with some new dog collars from Bark Ave. The collars are both affordable and well-made. With 4 different collections, ranging from classic to wild, it’s easy to find the right collar personality for your pup! We personally loved the Bad Ass Collection for it’s spikes and rock star quality but can also see Remix dawning something more tame for his dapper side. 😉


Bow Tie: C/O Bark Ave | Shirt: Old Navy

The bow tie is attached to the collar and we love the chevron zig zags and vibrant colour! It also came with a matching leash. Unfortunately, this style no longer available on their website but you can definitely find similar styles in the Classic and Beverly Hill Collections.

Let us know what you think — do these collars hit the mark?


Jenn + Remix

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